Chimney Fires in Bristol and Bath

An avoidable emergency !

An avoidable emergency

I witnessed my first chimney fire this week it took the fire brigade an hour to put it out, who knows what damage it has done to the peoples house.

The family it happened too live across the road from me and did not have their chimney swept this year.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to have your chimney swept annually even if you only use your chimney occasionally, the fire brigade suggested that my neighbours may like to have there chimney swept twice a year to ensure such an event does not re occur.

The best time to have your chimney swept is probably September time as you know then that you are ready to light your fire safely the moment we have our first cold snap, chimney sweeps do become extremely busy in the winter months and it may well be hard to get a professional sweep to come and sweep your chimney, you are then left with the awful prospect of lighting your fire not really knowing if it is safe to use or not.

Don’t risk it get organised and put it in your calendar for September each year and have peace of mind that you are safe when the fire is lit don’t forget a clean chimney is an efficient chimney and you are safe in the knowledge that all the gases and fumes a solid fuel can give off when burnt are being emitted safely from your chimney.

I am going to try and write a blog each week from now on with hopefully useful information and some general observations as the weeks go by so feel free to come back and browse the Cheroo Blogs at your leisure.

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